About Us
Water is critical to sustain life. The importance of wastewater treatment is its contribution to the availability of clean, uncontaminated water.

Wastewater treatment is becoming ever more critical due to diminishing water resources, increasing wastewater disposal costs and stricter discharge regulations that have lowered permissible contaminant levels in waste streams.

ECODOSE understands that the sustainable and effective treatment of municipal, mining, industrial and household wastewater in South Africa is fast becoming the key focus for national upliftment and empowerment. There is a shortage of potable water. The adverse financial, topographic and arid conditions under which water has to be supplied, or reclaimed, are extreme. Rapid industrial development and mining of low-grade ores and mineral resources, such as coal, complicate the characteristics and adversely affect the quality of the wastewater.

ECODOSE is a South African company that designs (and manufactures) state of the art wastewater treatment and purification systems (and equipment) using patented electrochemical technology.

This ECODOSE electrochemical core technology was developed in a collaborative project led by Johann Smit, professor of chemical engineering at Potchefstroom University, and Henning Els, professional electrical engineer of Lektratek Potchefstroom. The project was co-funded and supported by Anglo Coal, Eskom, the CSIR and the Vaal University of Technology.

The ECODOSE project was conceptualised and developed by Johann Smit during an invited stay as guest research professor at the Frauenhofer-Gesellschaft, Stuttgart, Germany, in 1989. On his return to South Africa he established a coherent electrochemical water treatment research program.

Since 1992, Henning Els headed the team responsible for developing the electrical component of the ECODOSE system.

In 1997, Anglo Coal added funding and support to the project which in, February 2002, led to the successful installation and commissioning of a demonstration prototype system at Navigation Collieries in Witbank, South Africa. This research project was subsequently successfully completed, and its final report published in August 2004, by the South African Water Research Commission.

The first two commercial ECODOSE systems were delivered to Eskom in 2004 and installed at its Tutuka Power Station. Three additional ECODOSE systems had been deployed at Eskom by end 2005; two at its Tutuka and one at its Matla Power Stations. A further six ECODOSE systems had been installed and commissioned at locations around South Africa; including two at Xstrata's Wonderkop ferrochrome plant for the extraction of hexavalent chrome from its wastewater stream.
The Ecodose Partner Network ECODOSE offers cost effective and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions through a network of qualified, trained and accredited water treatment integrators appointed as ECODOSE Partners.
Sustainable development ECODOSE adheres to sustainable development principles that recognise the need to minimise the consumptive use of natural resources such as water, having due regard to social, economic and environmental factors.